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[01 Oct 2012|11:14pm]
Is this a step to far?


I very much want to work at a university.
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New Job [04 Sep 2012|08:11pm]
Having had no where to live at the start at the week, I now do! Which is always a good thing really.

Saffron Walden can be described as the home of Crocs, Birkienstocks and Hunter wellies.

Teaching without being observed is rather unnerving, I feel like im in free fall with it all.
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Life...... [23 Aug 2012|08:10pm]
I am currently in a state of head in the sand.

Not a good attitde to have I don't think, considering I am moving and starting a new job.

Just once I would like to have everything simple. Can't grumble though.

Even though I just did.
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Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again - Xu Zhimo [27 Jun 2012|04:18pm]
Looking back at the first entries written on this journal provides great amusement. Now as I am the only person to write on here things have changed a lot, we have grown up and all the rest.

I have finished the PGCE course, ordered my ridiculus grduation photograph and moved out of Cambridge. I want to go back, it is somewhere I enjoyed living. There is a huge art gallery, various museums and its old old old. Now im back in yorkshire which is all rather dull.

I wish that I could send this post back to my 15 year old self and I could become an acedemic that has a room full of books, a large worn desk and fire place. Ah well.
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Teaching [22 May 2012|08:51pm]
Only 8 days left.

Year has gone so fast (yes im allowed to say things like this as a teacher).

Am about to commit the ultimate insanity and apply for a job at my old school.

Intensive studying has clearly effected my brain.
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[13 Mar 2012|08:57pm]
Push me up against the wall
Young Kentucky girl in a push-up bra
Fallin' all over myself
To lick your heart and taste your health 'cause
With the birds I'll share
This lonely view...

Im fifteen again listening on repeat to everyting RHCP ever did.
Im fangirling big time at the moment.
I bought tickets!
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To go Public or not? [17 Feb 2012|05:17pm]
A dilema.

Do I apply for jobs at State run Accadamies which I don't agree with?


Work in the Private sector where I'll get paid a hell of a lot more and have access to much better resources?

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Late Night Essay Induced Madness [17 Jan 2012|03:58am]
Who the hell let me in to Cambridge?

Why on earth do I think that it would be clever or a good idea to apply to do a history of art masters course here?

What buissnes have I got thinking that at four in the morning I would be the ideal person to become lectuer? Honestly me really?

I give up.
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Life, death and the wish that I had gone to Cambridge straight from A level [04 Jan 2012|10:19pm]
I’m not afraid of death,” he said, wiping down a counter with a damp cloth, “but I resent it. I think it’s unfair and irritating. Every time I see something beautiful, I not only want to return to it, but it makes me want to see other beautiful things. I know I’m not going to get to all the places I want to go. I’m not going to read all the books I want to read. I’m not going to revisit certain paintings as many times as I would like. There’s a limit.” He paused. “I mean, I understand limits are good for character and all that, but I would rather live forever.”
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September.........agh! [01 Sep 2011|11:38pm]
Found a house, only two weeks till Cambridge now. Fingers crossed Student Finance get their arse in gear, so that will be a massive fail all round really, hope not.

I will be applying to the Cambridge Bursary Fund other wise known as "Gosh there are people who can't afford to go skiing over christmas hols, well that simply won't do" fund.

I have an inapropriate crush on Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, please don't hate me. I have reason to belive its due to his wearing of a waistcoat with a suit, bugger!

I was recently and rather determindly chatted up on the train back from London. It made me giggle all the way back home.
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PGCE [06 Jun 2011|02:24pm]
I have just sent off my PGCE application, fingers crossed!!!
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Memories [12 Apr 2011|06:52pm]
I have just re read Lost Souls? again, I have no idea how many times I have read this book. I found a train ticket in it from 2003 and got a bit of shock, 8 years seems a long time ago. I know its not, but what can I say.

This book brings me comfort, it reminds me of a happy time with friends (the train ticket is from a journey to the beach). I know that I will have this book for the rest of my life, I will love it until it has fallen apart. It makes me listen to Bauhaus, love black lace and velvet when I shouldn't.

This is the kind of book that defines a frendship, you either like it or don't, a Marmite Book.

I still don't like Ann.
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Christmas Wonder and what next? [24 Dec 2010|12:30am]

Im sort of excited about christmas? Which is odd, it will be the first time that Mike is comming here for christmas, nervous!

I hope I don't get too worked up about it and then it will all be a big let down.

I have a beautiful christmas dress though and it was only ten pounds and not from primark WIN!

I love myrel streep and mikes mum.

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Nothing is fairytrade........... [25 Oct 2010|04:11pm]
I made a blog..................

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Most amusing............. [20 Oct 2010|02:52am]
Harry Potter fever has set in.

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Nom De Plume [06 Oct 2010|02:37am]
Ridiculus Rebecca of Wicked Ways Westminster
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The Proudest Gardeners in Leeds.......... [19 Jul 2010|11:28am]
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Vegetables!!!! [10 Jul 2010|01:01am]
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[27 Jun 2010|11:59pm]
I am currently afr to overjoyed to be seeing the current Dr Who off his face on stage at Glastobury!

All those shiny lights are making me want to go go go go
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Volcano [18 Apr 2010|04:35pm]
 I would very much like it if there could be no more ash in the sky then I will be able to go to india!

 Bruce has not killed another rat, I am dissapointed with this.
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